Registry Hacks

In the following links you will find files that will edit the registry and improve or add to Windows 10.

When running the .reg files you will get warnings, just agree and the edit will proceed.

Some of the edits you will have to close file explorer and reopen it and others you will have to reboot.


Disable the sign in lock screen in the Creators Edition. (Yes they brought back the ability to remove it.)

Add Move-To and Copy-To to the context right click menu in file explorer.

Add Take Owner Ship of a file or folder.

Turn off Cortana so it will only search your hard drive and not the web.

Add or remove folders to This PC in file explorer.

Add Command Prompt to the right click menu in File Explorer.

This is a registry hack to stop and remove the OneDrive from file explorer.

If you do not have an XBox account and are not using the XBox app you can turn it off.
(the XBoxDVR runs in the background and also slows down the boot time,)

How to get back Windows Photo Viewer.

Disable driver unwanted updates.