Find your Windows and Office Product Keys

There are products you can purchace to find the product keys but if you want a simple program to find your Windows and Microsoft Office keys in case you want to reinstall your product this is will work for you.

This is the click here to download the zipped version, or if you want download these three files and just run the exe program. It doesn't install the program is is a stand alone program and is protable. Copy it to a thumb drive and it should work on any windows computer.

This is the zipped version

Here are the 3 file need to run if you don't have a program to unzip

File 1
File 2
File 3 this file is a text file, clicking on the link will allow you to read the file, if you want to download it right click on the link and select Save Target as.

(if you would like an excellent program to unzip files download and install WinRar 64. It can be found here.