Check the Health of your Hard Drive and file System

I found this helpful if you are having an intermittent problem with programs and files.

1. Check your drive for errors.

1. Open up File Explorer
2. Right click on your C drive and select Properties.
3. Click on the Tools tab.
4. On the Error checking section click on Check and let it complete.

2. Run a "DISM / Cleanup-Image" to check if the image has been flagged as corrupted by a failed process.

1. Open up the Command Prompt (admin), to find the program do the following.

1. If you are running Windows 10 Creators Edition just right click on the start menu and select Command Prompt (admin).
2. If you are running Windows 10 Creators Edition Fall update you have to go to settings, personalization, taskbar, and turn off Replace Command Prompt with Windows PowerShell. You then can do step 1 in this section.
3. Paste the following in the Command Prompt window and press enter.
Dism /Online /Cleanup-Image /CheckHealth

3. Also in the Command Prompt paste     sfc /scannow    and press enter. It will check the operating system and repair or replace any corrupt file.

I find it best to reboot after preforming the above tasks.